I don't know anything about slides. I remember a long, long time ago, at family gatherings, they would project photos onto the wall. That's all I know.

So, if I send some 35mm slide film to Dwaynes or Fuji labs or whatever, will they automatically mount it in those little frames, so that it can be used with slide projectors? Are all slide mounts the same, or is there a kind of slide DRM scheme with like certain brands of projectors? I'm not sure I would even want it mounted. I don't have a projector or space for one.

I know you can buy medium-format transparency film. How do people project those?

What are the options for printing slides? Do most people that shoot slides actually project them to view them or do they print them?

How hard is it to expose for slides? I've heard it's hard, but then I've heard that slides have more dynamic range than it's possible to print, and have to be projected for best results.