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Perhaps the quality has fallen in the last three years but the idea of fitting it around an existing job is nothing new.
Absolutely - I would definitely agree with that, there has always been part timers.

The difference now is that digital means more people percieve photography as being something they can get to grips with - they all have a PC and a DSLR and surely that's all they need.........When I got married in 2005, one "photographer" my mother in law approached openly suggested that with digital you didn't need any skill! Kind of an own goal as, understandably, he didn't get the job!

Further to this we have the economic downturn - there are record numbers of new businesses being started at present, generally and with record numbers of people enrolling on photography courses I'm sure many of those businesses are photgraphy.

I have been dealing with Warehouse Express recently and they have had record sales in January.