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No, JP, you are not late. I haven't shot the roll yet.

I really appreciate the feedback. My local shop only sells D76 in a powder to make up a gallon. So, I was rethinking having another gallon of stuff on the shelf. On the other hand, I may enjoy it so much that I'll blow through it in no time!

Kathy, your IR work is amazing. Hoping that I will have some success as well.

Hiya Tammyk

Thank you so much! (I uploaded a few more pictures btw, all were using D76/ID11).

It's such a magical film to work with I'm sure you will be excited by the results whichever developer you use. I guess to stick with one for a while is a good plan, that way you get to know both the film and develoer really well before branching out.

You enjoy!!!