Thanks for your detailed thread there Mark - I guess there are many similarites with UK and US in this area. Infact I think a lot of the high end stuff did float accross the Atlantic, with Bambi Cantrell being relatively well known here - however, guess what, she's best known for training seminars.

For what it's worth, and I might be sticking my neck out a bit here, I believe that 1000 - 1500 is about the limit, at present, for good quality wedding photography from a photographer with a good portfolio. This would include a decent album and about 50 prints. This is what the discerning couple will be looking at. There are plenty of photographers asking for more, but I'm really not sure how many bookings they will be getting.

I was recently talking to a very well established photographer with a very good reputation He charges a "creation fee" of 595 + production fee of 995 - 1500 to cover album etc. Ie. total starting at around 1600. He says everyone is after a deal at the moment. It's a tough market.