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I watch Craigslist for deals on used gear, and lately I have seen some really silly ads. For instance, I saw a used Nikkormat with a 50mm and some off-brand zoom lens for $850... you could get the same items from KEH for under $200. I also found a used Mamiya RB67 with two lenses for $5000, you could buy a new camera of the same brand for less. What does the forum think of this, is it a sign of prices to come as film cameras continue to go out of production?
The market is somewhat turbulent, some sellers are trying for astronomical prices and, sadly, on occasion getting them. Just recently I bought a Voigtlander Vitessa camera (a 1950s collector's item) in great shape for 50 on e-bay, 2 weeks later someone paid 200. I sold 2 Sinar rail clamps (as part of a transaction which was profitable overall for me) for 10 each. The buyer resold them for 95 each (normal e-bay price 30 or so). I think the lesson is, if you know what you want and roughly what the normal price is, keep looking and bidding and you will get what you want at the price you want eventually. I think the people who pay big money are mainly newcomers to photography - lack of bricks-and-mortar dealers means prices cannot be checked this way, maybe the buyers haven't worked out how to check past sales on e-bay and establish a sane price level.