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I beg to differ a bit on the ground glass magnification, I have been using higher than 4x for over 20 years now and never encountered interference, could you explain a little further please.

Dave Parker
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I haven't been viewing Ground Glass images for as long Dave, and having now read your previous post, I could have been more diplomatic with my suggestion (pls excuse that). My experience is; of buying a quality 8x loupe (the Rodenstock) with my 4x5 field camera. The GG that it came with did not give a bright enough image for my preference of low light landscape subjects so I changed it for one of those well-marketed Fresnel Lens GG's. The image now seemed at least a stop brighter, however it came with a compromise of significantly increased interference from the glass surface. Sufficient that my lovely Rodstk 8x loupe has been relegated from my camera bag to the light box at home, and replaced by a 4x loupe instead.
I understand that the Satin Snow GG has quite a different surface than that of the Fresnel(?)