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Probably not the best way to make a comparison, I've ben testing a meter on my Yashicamat 124 alongside a Gossen Luna Pro - one reflective the other incident and surprisingly I get exposures within half a stop consistently. I also use a Capitol (Soligor) or Pentax spotmeter and again it's the same.

I know it's not the best way to test, but I wasnt sure what else to do (I'm running low on film and need to go buy some more). Honestly, I just wanted to make sure I was actually using the meter right. My Polaris meter is a reflected/incident meter with a digital readout. I've never used dials on a meter, so I wasnt sure if I was doing it right or not. The dials are simple for someone who's used one for a while, but it was completely new to me. More than anything, I wanted to make sure I was using it right and that it wasnt off by like 5 stops (assuming I was using it right)

sometime within the next few weeks, I'm gonna buy a few rolls of film and use the Soligor. I'm getting ready to buy some slavich unibrom paper. I'll shoot and develop the film when the paper comes in and then make some prints.