just like John said, it can´t be processed as negative film - it has a AHU mask of colloid silver under the emulsion which is only removed in the bleach bath of a reversal process. I tried a clip test out of curiosity when I preprared the article on how to deal with the Foma kit.

If you don´t believe me, take a snip and throw it in fix, it won´t clear, it will look like a unprocesses E6 film (they actually use the same AHU approach).

The base is a clear polyester base, the filmspeed in their original kit is close to 100-125ASA and the film has a very wide exposure latitude - it is very forgiving on exposure and in the first development. Quite nice for beginners.


Foma in the Czech Republic is the maker.


Retro has started a cooperation with Fotoimpex just recently...