Hi guys,

So I mentioned this in another thread, but had a few more questions that I was wondering about. I got a small amount of G2 Azo some time last year and have been holding off on testing it until I knew for sure whether the Lomida paper would come to fruition. Now that is seems it has I've decided to go ahead and try to test it. I've read up and feel like its going to go fine, but I still had a few questions.

First, I got some Amidol from Photographers Formulary. I contacted them and found out that this is the Amidol from the Chinese bulk order. I have read from time to time that people have problems with this Amidol, but haven't been able to find the specifics as to what people are having problems with, and more importantly, how they are fixing them. Any suggestions? Are people filtering there developer before using it? I thought I read something about that at one point...

Second, I plan on using an enlarger with no lens, just the bare bulb to expose it...I'm not positive on the wattage of the bulb...but has anyone else done this? I could probably work up something to be brighter if its a huge problem, but I was hoping that this would work. Suggestions?

Thats all, but if anybody has any tips I'd appreciate them. 25 sheets is all that I have so I'd like to limit any mistakes so that I can get a good feel for the paper in a relatively short amount of time.

Thanks so much in advance.