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I like slides vs. negatives because you see the actual color of the image in a slide or transparency. And, I like them better for scanning and then printing from a digital file. Of course if you want proofs, negatives provide that much easier than slides. The fine grain of some slide films can make for beautiful large prints from 35mm and medium format can yield impressive results, too. Shooting assigments where you have to get the shot probably is best done with negative materials that have more range for exposure with usable results.
Yes, that is the advantadges of slide. I prefer slides against negs because colour is as is. Also, when looking at bare eye, It has somekind of 3D look. It's ugly to look diretly at the negs, people are purple.

And by the way the local lab prints... Take the neg, pass it through a scanner, scratch it, and make "regular" quality prints. The price is like processing 2-3 120 rolls in a big lab. I found another place that does it better for less price.