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Good question, because using the focuser on 4x5 negs going to 8x10 size, I can not see grain. Are my eyes bad?

Otherwise, I use the focuser on finely detailed elements, like tree branches, or person's hair, to focus.

Tri-x in Diafine if that matters.
Steve, it depends on what sort of grain magnifier you have.

When I moved up to 5x4 I was using a Paterson Focus Finder - it worked fine on 35mm & 6x6.
However on 5x4 there was no grain to see at 10x8 or even 12x16.
However, if you moved the magnifier around the print you can find details/edges/something to use to help you find focus.

After a while of doing this I got really fed up with it, so I crumbled and bought a Peak Focus Finder - and the grain has returned even on 5x4 - but they are expensive.

If you can manage with your standard focus finder and edge/detail/something to focus on then stick with it and save your money.

It might be worth keeping an eye on E-Bay - they do occasionally show up.