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Has anyone used or seen an old Cirkut camera? I have some old negatives which are 8in. by 4ft. and date from the 40's or 50's. I also have some film from that era which have not been opened. Obviously the film is no good being so old but I am just curious if anyone here has used or seen these cameras. From what I can gather they were popular back in those bygone days.
I worked with an outfit that used one for group portraits. This was back in the 1960s. It used big rolls of Verichrome Pan. Negs were contact printed, of course. We had a dark room guy who got started printing an order of several hundred. He did not lock the contact printer completely on one end. The boss had to trash a whoooooolllllle lot of prints that were slightly unsharp at one end. Boss told stories of wiseguys who would stand at a spot until the camera panned by him, then beatfeet it further on and get in the picture twice. We souped the film in a ceramic deep tank sunk partially in the floor, in Permadol developer.