Nobody has mentioned Diafine or, preferably, DiLuxol Vitesse for HIE, so I will. DiLuxol Vitesse is available again. I find that it gives lower graininess than D-76 with HIE and copes with a wider scene brightness range.

With an 093 filter I set my TTL meter (M7) to 1250 or 1600 - but that setting is highly meter-dependent. I did go to all the bother of making an IR meter from a Pentax digi spotmeter, a piece of Melles Griot short-pass filter to cut off at 900 nm (03 SWP 622, not 035WP622 as printed in Photo Techniques Jan/Feb 2000) and a piece of Lee 87 to block the visible light (what a faff) but found that the TTL meter was good enough in daylight - in fact experience is good enough for 'standard' lighting situations. The IR meter is about 16x more sensitive to IR than an unmodified meter sitting behind an 093 filter because the unmodified meter should have an IR-blocking filter right in front of the cell.