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I have the 645 1000s with 45mm, 80mm w/extension tubes for macro, and 150mm. I use all three lenses frequently. Note that the 45 is equivalent to a 28 on a 35mm camera - my most used lens - I found that a 35 on a 35mm camera was often not wide enough, therefore, I have no interest in the 55 for the 645 (just my opinion). Great little camera. I say little because my RB is my camera of choice for more serious work.
My camera of choice for 'serious work' is the 8x10 Deardorff. But I do have my rb for when I want to go hiking. I seriously love my rb67 but this isn't for me. My daughter isn't going to be hauling an rb all over creation (yet). I am waiting on a 150 4.5 from a very nice APUGger. I have bids in on other wider lens but as I have time and I am a bottom dweller, this might take a while.

If she ever does take up the rb, I certainly have a stable of lens for her to use.

I have seen the 120 lens. Didn't know it's quality so I didn't bid on it. It seems a bit close to the 150mm also.

I think we are going to still try for a 45(or 55)/80/150 setup to start.