Interesting post! I can't say I have a favorite anymore. For many years I thought the the F3HP was the greatest camera in the world, but I have recently changed my mind. I find it a bit heavy (with the MD-4 motordrive attached).

I own a bunch of 35mm cameras (Nikon S2 rangefinder, F with standard prism, F with FTN Photomic Metered Prism, F2A with MD-2 Motor Drive, several F3 HP's, FM2N chrome, FM2N black, F100, N80; other brands include Minotla Maxxum and Pentax manual focus, also several Mamiya medium format cameras both 645 and RB-67).

While I absolutely love my old manual focus Nikons, I have recently found myself liking the lighter weight of my old N80! Even with the battery pack it weighs less than most of my other Nikon bodies and I find it to be very responsive. Yes, my F100 can focus better and is built like a tank, but my N80 is much easier to carry. So, as of this week my choice is the N80. I'm sure if you ask me next week I will have a completely different answer...!