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I have a newly aquired rb67. I am told the negs are 6X7 (cm i suppose) will epson 4870 scan negs that size? will the 2450? 3200? i keep hearing mf then see 4X5 what about 6X7?
or will i have to have one print done at developing and scan the print?
I have a 1640, which is these guys great grand daddy, but I'm sure the same applies in that the max size neg/slide that can be scanned is what's quoted and you can scan anything smaller. Mine has a seperate cover with a light in it (which alows the negs to be scanned with light shining through it rather than reflected light like a flatbed document scan). No idea if the latter model Epsons have the same arangement but the concept will be the same.

BTW, a RB67 creates (usually) a "6x7cm" neg, which in reality will be 56mmx68mm or something like that.