As a casual member of the Hart House Camera Club, I have heard its executive council discuss ways to open the field of membership to people beyond students and faculty at the UofT, starting with at the very least students from nearby universities whose campus lacks a good darkroom (or is too far away from where they live). The last I heard them discuss this, though, was well over 6 months ago.

Considering how underutilised their multiple darkrooms are (at most, I've only been down there when one other person was similarly in another room, the single "digital darkroom" -- oxymoron, ha -- excepted), it's a wonderfully set-up facility with three individual rooms set up for b/w printing and a fourth with a colour enlarger. There's also a colour chemistry processing machine of some kind, but I didn't take out a colour chemistry membership owing to how horribly I'd do with that -- not without mentoring.

A few years ago, they added a multi-person training darkroom for seminar instruction, whose courses I think are open to non-UofT folk. It's still basically a brand-new room but I hardly ever see it in use. The main area has a central sink and everything which one would need to process film without the need of an individual room (a communal dark chamber makes this possible).

It would be great if they found a way to expand membership, because I kinda hoped that by becoming a member, I'd meet more people who are interested in film photography and could be able to share their experiences and tricks they've discovered along the way, and vice-versa. This hasn't really been the case. It could be a great networking tool if only more people were using it (and not the "digital darkroom", which does have its place, but not at the expense of the rest), but at best, I've seen a touch of insularity from the few people who make up the tiny circle of folk who keep the place operational.