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Your comments remind me of how lucky we are to have this community online when our towns and cities seem to be forgetting the joys of film photography. I may go for weeks without meeting another traditional photographer, but one click of the mouse brings me challenge and inspiration and community enough to sustain me.

Keep shooting film, and be proud of your work. Enjoy it as a hobby, an art, a passion.

Yes, APUG gives energy to us to continue and not worry about film. Other communities have forumers that are just all the day "that's obsolete" "I think that film will last 2 years more and then bye..". It's comfortable to stay here and don't have a zillion posts saying that.

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My university has gone almost entirely to digital. In my intro class I am the only one with a film camera
Bah who cares about the others. Be proud and ignore the digital "fanatics", if you don't; you'll be greatly annoyed.
Just respect them, and they should respect you. If they don't respect you and annoy you all the time telling you "go digital"; Keep shooting happily and don't lose your illusion on film. Remember they can't have HP5 grain, or Velvia yellow. You've got it, and they don't.