Yep that be me. And Gevorg is reworking older cameras. That question was asked of him early on in the game. Since there are so damned many K88's out there that are new old stock, he is buying those and rebuilding them. SO far the Arax track record seems to be the best for out of the box working cameras. Shutter and advance problems, if there are any are present right out of the box. If these work and the shutter dry fires a lot without sticking or or seizing it seems the camera is good to go. Kiev Camera has a terrible record for out of the box working cameras. That whole return and replace instead of repair issue causes a lot of problems. Of course they have been around longer and sold many more cameras.

I agree care needs to be taken, lots of care and the occasional sacrifice helps too. Kievaholic and the kiev report are the best places for information. I wonder if there ARE any other kiev masochists around? I see in the gallery that one person uses a Fed.