Hi everyone!

I am sittuated in Sydney. I have been shooting digital (d200) for a while now, but i am wondering whether to take the dip into Large format. It seems that the cost of large format seems quite hight, just at startup, with purchasing the camera and right lenses (A tripod I have), but these are not the costs that scare me. Its the cost of film, + development and scanining. I have noticed film will cost me between 50-100AUD per 10 sheets, then developing each sheet a further 10 and scaning +??? (Anyone know of a place that does good drum scans on 4X5? What is the price?) It just seems like the price is quite steep! Just shooting 10 sheets off and developing them is ~150-200 dollars!

I am just trying to justify to myself that its worth it. Could anyone else give me their experiene and advice? How do they justtify the price? I need to convince myself! =P