Why are you wanting to scan? For the costs you are quoting you may as well buy the enlarger and do the prints yourself. Anyway if you are really wanting to shoot film you might be better starting with a lower cost medium format to see if you like handling film. The main reason to do the 4x5 LF is usually so you can have the focal plane and perspective control afforded by the movements. And if you are going to be shooting it, soup it yourself to save the cost. Tray processing is pretty low cost to get started in and a 4x5 makes a pretty decent contact print.
In other words cost is not what you need to look at for justifying LF, it's whether it will deliver what you want to achieve. You may be served as well by a Hassy or Mamiya medium format. Then again sooner or later you might get bit so hard by the bug only a ULF (way bigger!) will do.