Aggie, well, the Mamiya 6 & 7's don't have a dedicated SCA adapter, so you'll end up using the "standard PC" cord to attach it. That's the 5521 cord. Or the 5531 which is the hotshoe to Metz 45 adapter. I'm assuming that you have the CL-1/CT-3/4/5 series. The CT-1 takes some weird cable like 5520 for PC and 5523 for hotshoe.

The canon F1-N (New?) requires the 310 or 311 cable AND the SCA300A adapter for handlemount flashes. It's that piece that clips on the SCA adapter and goes to the flash. With the canon, you'll get the auto-flash sync, flash-ready light, and auto-aperture control.

BTW, with LS lenses, the "auto-sync" does nothing. It's for FP shutters where the adapter signals the camera to automatically set the sync speed to max (if higher) so you don't accidentally over set the camera.

Even with TTL, I rarely use my 45/60s in TTL mode. Except when I have tubes on my hassy and a bunch of filters. The auto setttings work great. A friend of mine shoots weddings with 2 black 7II and a pair of black 6's (Mamiyas). He has that Stroboframe Pro-T that's modified specially for 6/7's and uses 45's. Literally sets the aperture at 8 or 11 and shoots away. Never had a misfire (until his sync cord grabbed his tietack and ripped outta the PC socket...)

Oh, and BTW, on the 45's there is a clip-on wide-angle diffuser. For the Mamiya 7 with the 43, the flash exposure is great with this filter on. Just a hair of darkening on the edge of the images, kinda like a custom-edge-burn-in effect.