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Thanks for that info PE. I did not know there were multiple variations on the 45S. In the one pictured in this article, there is an On/Off switch, a "White Light" indicator, and illuminated filter control dials but no LEDs.
The one the you have, Phillips, is the standard 45s and the same model is in production for the longest time. In fact the 45s is still available now, even when the newest 45 Universal has been discontinued. The version that PE has is called the Dichro 45 Computerized color head. It's basically the same as the 45s but there is sensor mounted on the diffusion chamber to display on the 3 LED the actual amount of filtration. I like this version a lot more but like the one I have, when it's dead I can't fix it. Electrically the standard 45s is simple and I can fix most of its problems. It doesn't have the scale on the control knobs.