Apologies in advance for resurrecting a rather old thread, but this is good info for all.

The only labs I'm aware of in the tri-county south (miami-dade, broward, palm beach) - are Chromatek (3400 Powerline Road - Fort lauderdale) - and Dale Labs (2960 Simms Street Hollywood) - http://www.dalelabs.com/ .

Chromatek is an imaging place geared towards making signage and graphics that I think just happens to have a c-41 and e-6 processor and enlargers. Dale Labs is a traditional lab with very good quality service. Both places sell a very limited amount of stuff - Chromatek has an odd assortment of sheet film and some 35mm pro stuff. Dale Labs only 35mm negative and slide film - no 120 at all, perhaps some sheet film from time to time. They also have some pro gear for sale.

The next closest place I've found is Colonial Photo / Hobby in Orlando - the bees knees of photo stores. You can get anything you want here, I bought everything I needed for B&W D-76 processing. film in all formats and styles. They also have a great selection of gear. I did not go to Harmon when i was in town - Colonial had what I wanted and more!