As long as this thread isn't dead yet, I'll apologize for my obscure post above. I expected that amongst the over-educated here, there would be some who understood what heads, hearts and tails were, and we would have an insider's laugh. Let me clear up the mystery

When you distill a fermented liquid, various fractions boil off in a sequence. If you have a good thermometer, you can watch the progression. The first ones, heads, are rather paint-thinner like, and are discarded. Then comes the good stuff, the hearts, followed by the tails. It's the distiller's art to know how much of the tails to include.

If you'd like to elliminate those spits of water droplets, you might try Raschig rings, or build what the moonshiners would call a 'doubler' or 'thumper' - run the discharge steam down a tube inside a sealed container (big Mason jar) partially filled with 'product' (distilled water, of course). The steam will condense and then reboil. Vent the container so that the reboiled steam passes through your worm, and what you collect will be much purer than the first boil-off.