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The issue is not any specific great shot that the photographer likes, the issue is serving the market the photographer has chosen to be in profitably.

In business the perfect intent is to make a profit, photography in this sense is just a means to an end. In business the only tests of a great shot are "does it meet the specification of the job (is the customer happy) and the business plan (Is it making me money)?"

Protectionism in this sense is just about marketing, maintaining the reputation you want.

If your business plan calls for selling prints by all means you should avoid work without prints.

If somebody else's business offers just negs well so be it. They have chosen to serve a different market.

I agree with you, totally. I was simply saying, in my opinion, in the field of wedding photography, I think allowing the customer to print could be counter productive if your objective is to build a particular reputation. I am sure there are plenty of photographers earning a living and operating a profitable business and giving away copyright at the same time - as you say a different market.