The PTB 54 does have the issue of front rise and tilt being controlled by the same set of locking knobs but at least that means as the tilts are axis rather than base there is no refocussing needed after tilt is applied. That is assuming I correctly understood what Steve Simmons wrote in his book "Using the View Camera". I bought a PTB54 but returned it to the vendors as it was faulty. The rear standard was misalliged and could not be squared up. The misalignment was caused by an incorrectly adjusted grub screw on the rear standard stop. The vendor was superb and sent me a replacement (I chose a TZ45IIB) with no freight charges and the deducted cost of sending the camera back from the extra cost of the replacement. In fact I'm pretty sure he didn't charge me the exta at all as there was no credit card receipt with the replacement. My initial experiments with the PTB showed that with a bit of practice you could "nip up" the front standard locking screw and still apply tilt withouth disturbing any front rise you have applied. On balance I prefer the TZ45 even though it has base rather than axis tilts.