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i'm specifically looking for portrait lenses, somewhere between 70 to 135. and a decent wide...don't really want to start collecting unless someone comes up with something too good to refuse...grin
The Schacht 90mm f/2.8 is an extremely sharp lens and has practically the same performance and signature as my Zeiss 85mm f/2.8.
You can probably pick it up quite cheaply, if you find one.

Unfortunately, like the Zeiss, it might be too sharp, incisive & unforgiving for many portraits...

Nice wides are the 35mm f/2.8 Schneider Curtagon (the Pentax Takumar 35mm f/3.5 has almost the same performance & look - very massive & solid imagry) and the Zeiss Jena Flektogons (35mm, 25mm & 20mm).