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Is your high end board Alpharag? If not, what manufacture's board do you carry? Also do you carry high end non-buffered board 4 ply in various colors for mounting prints like albumen? Thanks, Robert
Our highest end mat board is Bainbridge 8-Ply Alpharag mat board. It is a full 1/8 inch thick and we cut the bevel at 45% so the bevel ends up being a 1/4 inch which is very impressive. I brought in computerized mat cutters from Switzerland to ensure that we could get very high quality corners. We also carry Bainbridge Alphamat which is also a museum quality mat board. In order to keep our margins sustainable with low prices we have to be very efficient with our inventory. Although we have a lot of professional photographers as customers most of them that are reselling their work are using more traditional printing methods as opposed to the less common acid processes that require non-buffered mat board. We have had almost no requests for non-buffered mat board so we do not carry it.

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