Picked it up just for a trial for the week and I'm already in love with it. I was think about the M3 but I love the meter on this. Simple along with simply focusing ability. The man at the store said, that's it, you'll have the bug....
I think he's right.....
I'm am so excited... first roll, Tri-x pushed to 800. Can wait to develop it.

I owe a lot to this forum for helping me understand what fits my needs. (needs? ya, right. Wants is more like it)

Took a 50mm f/2 (non aph) and a zeiss 35 f/2 (can't afford the Leica 35mm just yet) and they seem to work for me.

A while ago I remember a post with a link that lead to the history of Leica Camera's. Does anyone have this please along with any other good resources.