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I am only a teen. I love film to death and I do not own a digital camera and I am proud of it! I do not have a darkroom yet. I would love to have one. I think that my generation will never be intrested in picking up film. Somehow we should change that and try to get some younger folks into film. I remember when I was little I had a Fisher Price 110 camera. Now they are all digial. (that makes me laugh everytime I see one in the store). But my point is that we need to introduce more people that are out there back to analog mediums.
I do agree about most of what do you say. I do have a little boring compact that if it broke, I wouldn't even care. It's OK for take some shots I would need the next day. But for everything else, there's the 35mm.

The few of us that will shoot film, will keep it going.
Some (as I did) may get into this world because of curiosity. In october I had a radical change. I changed the music I listen, and the media. Now I do love anything analogic.
Like vynil records, they're special compared to the stuff of today.
We're used to listen music from a MP3 and the computer. And It's very interesting to listen and see vinyls, because few of us seen and heard them, it's a different thing that we aren't used to see.
As the vinyl records have followers that keep them going, film is and will be the same history.