I talked to Tim This afternoon. He has generously volunteered his "shooting space" for us to meet up. Apparently it has West window light and he has a full compliment of strobe lighting. So here are the details:

Where: Tim's place (exact address will be forth coming. It's some where by the western stock show complex)

Saturday March 7th, 10:00 a.m. (Don't know when we will end. I guess as long as Tim can hang out)

  • Denver area (as far as Nebraska and Wyoming too) film photographers
  • Meet, greet and eat.
  • Shoot and Share.
So this is what I think may happen. Tim has a fridge and microwave at his space. I will bring some pastries and a box/carafe of coffee, feel free to bring some other munchies/beverages to share if you want. Bring some prints if you want to share them with the others. I will, so don't make me be the only one to hang it all out there. Shooting will go something like this. If you want to shoot portraiture Tim and I will reach out to a couple of models we know. No guarantees that they will show up so don't be upset if you came to shoot portraits and we couldn't talk a model into coming. If you know a model that needs some portfolio images or is willing to model for donuts and coffee then please invite them to come along. Make sure to let them know that they may be asked by other shooters to pose. Sharing models is encouraged. Tim says that there is space to shoot in studio but also some cool industrial areas around his building. So plan accordingly if you want to shoot a model outside you can, or if you just want to shoot some old industrial stuff, then their is that too. I know 10:00 a.m. sort of sucks for lighting but hey that's what we got.

Tim and I thought maybe we needed to rename or make a new post that is clearer to Denver area shooters. What do you all think? New post or just keep it under this one. If you know any others that want to join us please forward the info, let's try to make this a fun time for everyone, no stress, no worries just some good time to meet shoot and hang out.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions. If you have suggestions please post them so we can all hear what great ideas you have. We need them for sure.