After reading this and as a rank amateur, I find great comfort that it isn't just me. I have now to date shot maybe 6 rolls with my Autocord TLR. Technically great, super sharp etc but composition just doesn't gel for me. Whilst taking the shot, I am there looking through and think I have a great composition then somehow it gets lost in translation when printing.

I prefer to fill the frame, I suppose what I am realising is that it is a change of mentality to do square but it offers a different experience and to persevere with it.

There is something about framing a shot with a TLR that is so different from anything else I have experienced, part of that is the square element, somehow the feeling of it being easier to find great compositions, part maybe the bent head. currently it all feels like a balloon just let go and floating outta reach but I can sense the great potential.

off to chase balloons .........