I hope someone here can help me with identifying this camera. I've attached several images---forgive the crappy quick digi-snaps.

It's an old view camera I "inherited" indirectly from my wife's grandfather, or possibly his father---no one is sure. It's been used as a decoration for probably fifty years or longer. Her grandfather was, among other things, the portrait and wedding photographer in their small rural (there is no other type!) Kentucky town. (Also got a Kowa Super Six and irreparable Speed Graphic "from" him.)

It appears to have been at least an 8x10 camera, but someone fitted it with a homemade reducing back into which a 4x5 graflok (?) back has been inserted. It has front rise and fall, and back tilt, but no other movements I can see.

Markings: label on the front: "Empire State, Manufactured by Rochester Optical Co., Rochester NY". Lens: 10-3/4" f/4.5 Goertz Dogmar, Patented 1914. Not sure about the shutter.

I'm thinking if I can't get it working to make photographs itself, I may just use the lens and shutter in my 4x5 and see what I get. The lens looks to have some spots of fungus on the rear element, and it is uncoated of course, but it might be interesting. It's a 10 3/4" focal length, so about a 270mm, which would be a nice portrait length. I just posted a thread here about a good "portrait" lens for a 4x5, and this might do it. I expect it'll be quite soft and full of flare.

Thanks folks!