I began shooting again in MF and I'm strongly considering buying a film scanner to archive images in digital format. There is much to choose from as with anything, it's always how much do you wish to spend? For what purposes do you wish to use it? and on and on it goes. Well, I pretty much know the technical details I'm interested in but there are still a handful of film scanners to choose from. To cut to the quick I'm interested in your feedback on a film scanner you use that works very well and provides high dpi resolution. The money is not a major issue, I want a scanner that will scan 35mm/120 and possibly 4X5. The latter is a pipe dream at this point but nonetheless a consideration. At least 4000 dpi will be necessary in order to satisfy my requirement for high resolution.... High quality, and durability are major requirements I hold in very high esteem. I'm not certain if there are models other than Nikon that have tray feeding mechanisms versus the flat-bed style. I have and use at work, a High-End Epson flatbed and it sucks to say the least. So Guys, Gals and Kids fire away I'm all ears. Remember, I'm looking for unbiased feedback and not a personal brand endorsement. The subjective opinions are not going to help me, the Objective ones will lead to a decision much quicker and make me a Happy Camper.