Let me recap a bit.
1. Using the Projection Print Scales is most convienient. You only have to expose just one time and the steps spacing is good.
2. The aperture method works fine and doesn't need to do much calculations. You can get good steps spacing this way. You do need a way to expose just one strip at a time like the test strip printer.
3. Using just a piece of card board and varying the time works better if the you do it by first expose the entire sheet and then cover 1 strip and 2 strip and so on. If you do it by uncovering 1 strip and then 2 strips and so on it doesn't work as well. The timing should be increased as a percentage of the last step. For example double for 1 stop steps, 1.4 times for 1/2 stop steps etc..
4. The spacing of 1 stop per step is a bit much in my opinion as 1 stop even with grade 2 paper would change the print density about 0.50 and that's too much. I think a 1/2 stop steps are better.