Alright --

My family is asking me for some Christmas ideas, and I am thinking about getting another lense or two for my Canon EOS-Elan II (I don't have the IIE).

I only have one lense right now -- the 28-80mm zoom lense that I got with it when I bought the camera in 1999.

Here are my q's:

1. What are the "gotta have lenses" for beginners like myself?

2. Let's say I took a picture with my zoom lense, having the lens set at 28mm. Let's say I took another picture with a 28mm fixed lense. Would I be able to tell a difference between the photos that I took with my Canon?

3. I am an eBay shopper -- are lenses ok to get over eBay? Just get a little nervous not seeing it, before the money is put down.

Thanks in advance for the help, direction, and insights.