The meter/timer is quite sophisticated so it must have been made by another company and badged for Polysales, who were a sort of UK version of Spiratone with a smaller range. There catalogue was very interesting.

It's not Rayco style but it might have been made by Melico.

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Judging by the apparent condition of the unit, and the connectors in particular, I wouldn't recommend persevering with it simply on safety grounds. Those old Bulgin connectors, while mains voltage rated, I don't think have been legal for use in new equipment for years. The combination of sockets that point upwards and liquids that can fall downwards doesn't strike me as a happy one either!
The meter timer should have been used well away from the dev trays, anyway any timer can be dangerous near water/chemicals regarless of the orientation of those Bulgin connectors.

Ironically the outdated Bulgin plugs & sockets & old 3 pin 5 & 15 amp UK mains plugs were far safer and less prone to problems that the current ones, andas for the European ones they are even worse. I've never seen the old UK 3 pin plugs burn out, but it's common with the current ones, and the frlimsy 2/3 pin European ones.

I'd rather have a solid Bulgin plug than the flimsy DIN plugs