Believe it or not I still have a Polysales catalogue dated Summer 1982. I loved those guys. Picture matches your machine. It says "supplied with diffusor, enlarger and safelight plugs" "Easy to use! 1 Adjust paper speed to suit pack (easily determined). 2 With negative in carrier and diffusor in position, place sensor on baseboard and set instrument to balance position which also turns on the enlarger. 3 Adjust seconds knob until neither red nor green LED light is on. 4 Switch to time position , remove sensor and diffusor. 5 Press button and the correct exposure, as indicated on the seconds dial is automatically given. At the same time the green LED flashes at one second intervals as an aid to any dodging and shading needed.
Price 39.95 Spare enlarger plug for extra enlarger 2.49"
There you go. Catalogue was full of "must-haves".