Yup Uncle, I can see I'm done for.

Honestly, it may be the finest camera I've ever held in my hands. (I don't get out much) I can't put it into exact words but it just works so well for me. The Focusing is awesome and I really love the meter system whereas the arrows pave the way. Even a dim arrow can tell me if in case I want to over/under expose a 1/3 stop.

This will actually be my first camera that is a pleasure to take everyday with me. I really like the way I can pop a lens in my pocket with it's size and light weight. I don't even know where to begin counting the ways I love this body.

Now, I would of course use my MF for landscape work but I would really see sometimes where I would enjoy a very long shutter for this. I have all Singh-Ray filters and I'm wondering how I could use them on this??

My fav, the Vari-ND whereas I can dial in ND from 2 to 8 stops would prob. work as I can hold it right in front of the lens but since the lens glass front is so small I don't think a Soft Stop ND would make much of a difference unless you got it just right.... and with a RangeFinder viewer, pretty impossible.

Does anyone use filters on theirs? Since I shoot mostly Tri-x a Red filter might be nice.

I gave (Giving) up a lot for this camera. But if I have something I really enjoy and I'll use EVERY day, it is so worth it. I'm loving MF too with 120.

Like this thread a lot, thanks