Just a reminder, if you’re interested in this workshop, Yosemite will guarantee a housing slot (Yosemite Lodge) if you reserve a spot in the workshop before this coming Thursday at midnight (Feb. 26) Otherwise, you'll be on your own for housing.

Per the AA Gallery’s info the workshop will include:
- making prints using carbon tissue pre-made by the instructor [Vaughn Hutchins], but will quickly move to making your own custom carbon tissue which best matches your negatives and images.
- the opportunity to photograph in Yosemite Valley during instructor led field sessions and be able to process the film exposed that day specifically for carbon printing.
- for those without a large format camera who wish to experiment with using one, two 5x7 view cameras will be available for use during the field sessions. For those without large format or digital negatives, film will be supplied to work with.
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