Being a newcomer to film photography,I was looking to treat myself to a Rollieflex 6x6 TLR, and as I could not afford to purchase a brand new one I took the used route in hope of finding a good one. As a avid reader of Amateur Photographer I found many dealers that deal in used equipment at the back of the magazine. As expected all were very helpful and polite in trying to find me what I needed. That was until i gave Nicholas Cameras in Camden, London a call. I spoke to a assistant there when I explained what I was looking for in the best way I could (as I'm not too experienced when it comes to Rollieflexes) that must of shown, as He had absolutely no time for me whatsoever and I felt that he was talking down to me, not to me, this left me feeling quite intimidated. When I simply asked him if the camera came with any instructions or packaging he raised his voice and told me "no!,what did I expect for that price"(1275) and that the camera was an exceptional example for its price and that there were plenty more interested buyers also looking at it. Then he quickly told me to come down and look at it for myself quoted me the store times then abruptly hung up on me. By this i was quite taken aback at how rude he was and called the store back to speak to his manager who applogised later for his behavior. Am i just unlucky or has anyone else here had any experiences like this?