Mr Worry, just because you are a newbie to film doesn't mean you shouldn't be treated with civility. Don't 'worry' about it, just do NOT give them your business. Neither will many other UK residents after reading this! Ffords and mifsuds are good and have been previously mentioned. Ace cameras and Camtech have always given me good service. Do not rush to make your purchase, do some research. If your budget allows, go for a Rolleiflex 3.5F, OK 2.8 if you must, but more cash and not required with modern emulsions. The E models will be less expensive, similar camera w/o built in lightmeter, I think. BTW, the meters are not TTL. I have used a 3.5F for many years, it is a great camera. You won't go far wrong with the Rollei T (Tessar) either.