I have one of those lenses. It fits in a Copal 0 shutter.

I am very pleased with the sharpness and tonality. Its a very nice piece of glass and an important part of my repertoire. The negs always appear strikingly sharp in the loupe.

In use, the lens represents more of a challenge than my 90mm. The 75 needs to be very close to the gg, and won't allow any movement with many cameras. When its on my Arca Swiss monorail, there are no movements even with a bag bellows. For that camera it needs both the bag bellows and then a recessed board as well. On my field camera it works the normal bellows just fine.

Another thing to consider is all of the scenery that gets pulled in to the picture. Its pretty hard to have this lens pointed anywhere near the direction of the sun and not get some flaring, or highlight runout, if you will. So in use one needs to beware of the hot spots.

There are definitely shots, though, that I wouldn't have been able to get without that lens. The near-far compositions are way more dramatic with a 75 than a 90, even though its only 15mm difference. Also wide landscapes with dramatic skies. Not everyone's cup of tea, but this lens will get em for ya.