I have found that a major hurdle of being a photographer trying to sell prints is the reluctance of people to spend money - any kind of money - on the purchase of a fine art photograph. There is a huge gap between folks praising your work to no end and actually shelling out the dough to own the piece. They think nothing of spending a 100 bucks for dinner but they would cringe at the idea of spending that on a photograph (although they love both equally, supposedly). I found this to be true of "photographers" as well as non-photographers.

What prompted this post is my seeing a good number of very fine prints ending in no-bid situations on ebay - even with starting bids of a measly $49! Prints by very talented photographers (some, members of this forum I might add) which at $49 constitute a great bargain (but a lousy return for the photographer mind you...and yes, I have purchased several of these myself if you're wondering).

So I am curious as to how many folks here, on a photography forum, do purchase fine art photography. If you do, high praises to you. If you don't. WHY NOT???

Your thoughts?

PS, I am guessing that fewer than 10% of folks here have purchased fine art photographs. Right? Wrong?