I hope that nobody minds if I post a reminder about Michael A. Smith's and Paula Chamlee's workshop in March at Daytona Beach State College, Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies. There are a few spots remaining. I asked Michael about the level of expertise needed to take the workshop. Michael related that the workshop is as much about learning photographic vision as it is about learning the techniques that he and his wife use with reference to film development and contact printing. Indeed, he has had several digital photographers (!) take the workshop simply to learn Michael and Paula's "method" of developing one's unique vision. As Doug has stated, please see the detailed description of the workshop on Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee's web site. If it makes anyone else feel better, I am very much an amateur LF photography who is just starting to understand the "ins and outs" of using my camera, film and paper to depict a scene as I desire. Indeed, I might not even have a large number of prints to bring to the workshop. So, please don't feel intimidated or under-prepared! Others have told me that this workshop is, without doubt, the best workshop they have every taken and has far surpassed their expectations. Hope to see you there.