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What I don't see here is the connection between the shoot and burn market and the market you are selling to.

No, but you do have to be able to sell that "extra" level of quality to your market at a profitable volume and price or you won't be in business long.

There are very few buyers capable of or interested in buying 40 professionally printed 40 inch Ilfochomes to document a wedding.

The product may be truly stunning and of the highest quality but who could buy such a thing?
I'm up against every photographer who does weddings. "Why pay 1000+ when I can pay half that and get the images on disc also?"

I had a chat with my ex-boss who went to America. We were discussing prices and in the US, they can charge big bucks. The UK won't pay for those copyright fees because they feel the photos are theirs and they should be able to print the photos themselves, so there's a very narrow gap between top and bottom because nobody is willing to pay much.

Shoot and burn photographers are allowing this idea of self printing to thrive and become the norm. If people think it's fine to do the photos in a mini lab we as professionals should not be encouraging them.

Creating an amazing photo in-camera can be ruined in two seconds by a poor printer, so I don't see the argument. Printing is half the battle in creating a good image and I feel we should be overseeing the whole process whether it's done in a pro lab or by ourselves.

I don't do documentary 40 inch Ilfochromes by the way! Who does??