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I was looking at purchasing a 15" ILEX Paragon F9 process lens, but my thought was to make this into a lens for my Toyo 4x5. Am I wasting time and money doing so? I found quite a bit about other sizes but not the 15" and wondering which shutter it may fit in. My guess is a ILEX #3, which I would need to come up with. Are there other shutters this will fit in that may be easier to put my hands on?

It's not listed in Kerry Thalmann's test sheet, nor Michael K. Davis sheets. I also just checked S.K.Grimes with no luck.

I have this lens in a barrel. I love it!!! I use it on my 8x20,11x14 and 8x10! It covers them all at infinity. It is a small lens and it is sharp and contrasty. I decided to make it a standard lens for my 11x14 kit. I have some decent movement on my 11x14.
I shoot slow film so I never even looked into a shutter. If you can pick one of these little gem's up you will not be disappointed.