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I'm up against every photographer who does weddings. "Why pay 1000+ when I can pay half that and get the images on disc also?"

.... there's a very narrow gap between top and bottom because nobody is willing to pay much.
Gary, I'm sorry to hear there is so little difference between top and bottom. That is truly a problem.

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Shoot and burn photographers are allowing this idea of self printing to thrive and become the norm. If people think it's fine to do the photos in a mini lab we as professionals should not be encouraging them.
The genie is out of the bottle, it's too late.

Actually I think technology has done this, not the low dollar shooters.

IMHO digital technology has turned normal wedding photography into a commodity. Think about the shift from painted portraits to photography, a lot of painters were probably a bit peeved as their monopoly crumbled.

I shot digital weddings and did digital albums and digital prints and all the blah, blah, blah.

I could not make it profitable while doing all the back end stuff, the market I was trying to sell to wouldn't pay properly, so I gave up on the back end.

That was the market's choice.

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Creating an amazing photo in-camera can be ruined in two seconds by a poor printer, so I don't see the argument. Printing is half the battle in creating a good image and I feel we should be overseeing the whole process whether it's done in a pro lab or by ourselves.
Noble thought, as a business though it only works if you can find enough brides willing to pay for it.

This is a business plan question, not an artistic one. Your product needs to fit your market.

My question is, are you getting paid fairly for the services rendered?

If not you have three choices; 1-market where you can charge more or 2-provide less in your current market or 3-stop selling wedding services.

Giving away your professional time and reversing the course of history are both fruitless endeavors.

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I don't do documentary 40 inch Ilfochromes by the way! Who does??
Nobody I know either, that's the point.

The normal wedding market won't support that level of quality or cost, it may not be able to support your preferred level of quality either. (this isn't a reflection on you, it's a reflection of the market.)

Film, Pro-labs, and keeping the shot count low makes weddings a profitable venture for me and provides a quality step up for my clients.

Me doing back-end work kills my ability to make a profit because I'm slow compared to the labs I use and it uses up the time I need to sell more work, and my family time, and my sleep time.