I have bought prints a few times. The print really needs to move me. A few years ago I was dropping work off for a group show at a gallery and was blown away by this one piece on the owners wall. I really liked the work both because it was a great piece and I knew I could never do such a work. It was so different from what I do. It had to go home with me. That's only happened to me a few times, so I don't have a lot of other people's photography hanging on my walls.

Selling aphotographic print is not easy in the first place. I think selling work online is even harder to do then selling through a gallery where the buyer can actually see the work.

Selling work on ebay? at what price? and if your willing to sell a piece on ebay at a lower price just to make a sale, what does that say to a customer who was thinking about buying a piece from a gallery at a much higher price? My opinion is you end up hurting your overall sales in the long run. Because then your work is really only worth the lower price.